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Regatta Since 1987

STAR MAR, S.A. – Regatta Yacht Ropes is a national leader company which has got a well-deserved place among the first leader brands around the world.

Since 1987 we design, manufacture and distribute all kinds of ropes for different sectors: nautical, fishing, hot air balloons, sports, high altitude work, decoration, and industry in general.

Our extensive experience and latest technology allows us to develop any kind of rope using conventional fibers of the highest quality and with the latest performance fibers as PBO-Zylon®, Vectran®, Dyneema®, Technora®, Kevlar® and Nomex®.


Our Products

  • America’s Cup Line

    America’s Cup Line

    Ropes developed with the latest technologies to big length of high competition as the America’s Cup, Volvo Ocean Race, Vendée Globe, World Race…

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  • Protection Covers

    Protection Covers

    We produce any kind of protection covers (Zylon®, Technora®, Vectran®, Dyneema®, Kevlar® and Polyester HT) to avoid a risk of overheating due to an aggressive friction and also to protect and maximize the rope performance.

    Ideal covers for loops, sheaves and when passing through the blocks and winches.

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  • Performance Line

    Performance Line

    The Performance line ropes are produced with polyester H.T, spun-dyed polyester with U.V protection and Dyneema® SK-78 core.

    Optional core of Vectran®or Technora®.

    Perfect rope for regattas and cruises.

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  • Cruising


    For cruising we use the same fibers of High quality, spun-dyed polyester with U.V protection and heat set.

    Large range of colors and personal designs.

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  • Dinghy


    Wide range of technical ropes for dinghy made with the latest technologies and with the all high quality fibers like Dyneema® Sk-78, 90,99, Vectran®, Zylon®, Technora®, Cordura®, Kevlar®, etc.

    Perfect for Optimist, Europa, 420, 470, 29er, 49er, Snipe, One design…

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  • Mooring


    Regatta offers a great range of mooring ropes: the most used of polyester HT 3 strands double twisted, Squarline, Round line 12 plaited, double braided in 24 and 32 plaited and a complete range for a classic boats.

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  • Sail maker

    Sail maker

    With an experience of more than 30 years, Regatta Yacht Ropes supplies the most part of the national and international market a complete range of ropes specially made for Sail makers as a North Sails, Quantum, Velas Hood or David Mas among others.

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  • Safety and sport nets

    Safety and sport nets

    Now we have a wide range of nets for boats in Nylon HT polyamide, stanchion net and Catamaran net among others which can be made-to-measure for the sport and safety, as well as the last innovation in covers of swimming pools.

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  • Multipurpose


    Wide range of elastic ropes for nautical uses. Elasticity from 80 to 200 % in polyester HT, white and colors. Multipurpose floating of Haytex for tow, anchoring and fishing. Also we have polyethylene for swimming pools, water skiing and related sports.

    The whole line of multipurpose is being used in nautical, naval and industrial supplies and hardware stores.

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  • Rigging


    We offer splices in halyards and sheets of high performance with or without dead eye.

    All kind of mooring ropes spliced. Leather protection optional.

    High quality finishing with leather protection and cross stitched. We offer textile shackles for nautical, industry and other uses.

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  • Assorted boxes

    Assorted boxes

    Regatta makes the most variety and widest range of assorted boxes for nautical in Dyneema®, Vectran®, Kevlar®, polyester HT and polyester textured for crafts , latest trend and hardware stores.

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  • Technical Threads

    Technical Threads

    In Regatta besides the largest range of assorted technical threads and sewing boxes, in white and in colors, waxed and unwaxed, from 0.3 mm to 1,5 mm, also we can offer an industrial format in 250 or 500 mt, special made for Sail makers, awnings, tapestry and for the whole textile industry in general.

    *Other diameters, lengths and colors upon request.

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  • Kitesurf and Paragliding

    Kitesurf and Paragliding

    We can offer a large range of ropes for outdoor activities. Compact Dyneema pure, dyed and prestreetch , Dyneema® and Kevlar®with cover , lifeline, protection cover for kitesurf in several colors and the Super Speed, a simple braided long-lasting rope.

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  • Balloons


    Regatta makes this kind of ropes as own creation for more than 28 years and we distribute the most manufacturers of the world as Ultramàgic, between others.

    Quality and service give us a good place in the market.

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  • Parasailing


    We are the first Company in Spain specialized in developing ropes for parasailing. The cover of our ropes is made in spun-dyed polyester and UV protection, with Dyneema® SK-78, Haytex® and polyester core.

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  • Off Road

    Off Road

    Perfect rope of Dyneema® core with Technora® cover protection in the ends, with hook and reinforced stainless steel thimble in one end.

    Besides the excellent polyester HT webbing designed for towing.

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  • Agrorope


    Special rope for agriculture measuring machines.

    The raw material used in the manufacture of these cables has been tested and approved by Repsol following the regulations and declared suitable to be used in the food market.

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  • Height work

    Height work

    Regatta has just launch to the market his first semi-static rope certify and approved by the European Community, CE EN1891. Ropes for height works, rescue, speleology, security in a risk places and as a life line.

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  • Theatre


    We offer a variety of ropes for theatre and show. Features: easy to handle, nice touch and excellent grip.

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  • Arboriculture


    Ropes for pruning, felling, forest use in general and dismantling. High performance products: Kevlar®, Dyneema® and Spun-dyed Polyester HT with UV protection.

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  • Industry


    Regatta launches his new line of inox and galvanized lashing. 100% Polyester HT, as well as his standard and made-to-measure line of slings with guarantee of certification of breaking strength and quality of his products. Used for travelift in the ports /marines, nautical sector, naval and industrial supplies, hardware stores and general use.

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  • Technical accessories

    Technical accessories

    Regatta needle made in inox for splicing ropes from 4 to 14 mm.

    Regatta bodkin. To splice ropes of 3 and 8 strands until 12 and 14 mm.

    Regatta special sewing and splicing needles.

    Regatta rope cutter by heat. Cutting width: 21 mm.

    Regatta meter counter to measure ropes from 03 to 20 mm.
  • Exhibitors


    Regatta Wall Display: easy to set and excellent visibility for the client.

    Regatta Special Double Display: specially created for exhibitions where the walls are of glass. No installation required in any supporting point.